Patricia Moles Scholarship Fund

The Patricia Moles Scholarship Fund was established by Chicago Friends School (CFS) in 2012 in order to provide tuition assistance beyond the 50% cap that CFS can provide through the regular tuition assistance program. This allows CFS to provide a Friends School education to a more economically diverse student body.

The funds are generated through a commitment from a number of individuals, augmented by other designated contributions from anyone who wishes to contribute.

In order to be eligible, families should apply for tuition assistance through the FACTS application. CFS will review the financial information generated from that and make a determination to apply scholarship funds to augment the tuition assistance. CFS may also decide to pay back the application fees for eligible families.

It is the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of Chicago Friends School whether or not to award scholarship funds, in what amounts and to whom. Decisions will be made in accordance with any policies adopted by CFS, including our non-discrimination policy.

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