2023-2024 Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition, Fees, and Discounts

2023-2024 tuition


First-time family fee
Paid one time upon enrollment of first child in family.


Field trip fee


Sibling discount

Per sibling if multiple siblings are enrolled.


Single payment discount

If tuition for the school year is paid in full by August 1.


Chicago Friends School is dedicated to keeping access to our education as affordable as possible. Because of this, we do not leverage additional charges for the regular school program beyond those listed above. Before-school and after-school care and programs are available for additional fees.

Tuition Assistance and Scholarship

Chicago Friends School recognizes that students of all income levels enrich a diverse and vibrant community. We work to make a Chicago Friends School education affordable for all applicants.

Our tuition assistance and scholarships are provided on a need-base, which is calculated based on the family’s income. Chicago Friends School does not consider religious affiliation, prior academic attainment, race, ethnicity, or gender information in tuition assistance applications.

There are several scholarships to choose from and they are listed below.

National Friends Education Fund (NFEF) Scholarships-Deadline June 15th

The National Friends Education Fund helps Quaker Families to attend and afford Quaker schools Nationally. Families have to be active attenders or members of a Quaker meeting and have an application signed by the clerk of that meeting.  Preference is given to families with demonstrated financial need, or families for whom paying tuition presents a hardship.  If your family would like to apply, please contact the Admissions Office and they will provide you with an application form.

Patricia Moles Scholarship Fund. For families to be considered for this scholarship you must be a member of the Quaker Community and demonstrate need. Please contact the Admissions Office to learn how to apply. For more information on Patricia Moles, click here.

Bayard Rustin Scholarship. This is a scholarship named for the civil rights leader who championed gay rights and a non-violent approach for change. He was instrumental in helping with MLK’s March on Washington and established the Freedom Riders, who helped disenfranchised citizens become registered voters in the south. In honoring Bayard Rustin, this scholarship is part of our strategic plan to increase the representation of traditionally underrepresented populations in independent schools. Preference is given to families with demonstrated financial need, or families for whom paying tuition presents a hardship. To qualify please complete online.factsmgt.com/aid. There is a $45 non-refundable fee payable to FACTS. For more information on Bayard Rustin, click here.
If you would like to donate, click here

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.  Is a third-party financial aid management company use to help us evaluate requests for financial aid and scholarship. Families who wish to complete an application for tuition assistance and scholarship may go to online.factsmgt.com/aid. There is a $35 non-refundable fee payable to FACTS.

If an applicant’s family would like to be considered for tuition assistance and scholarship, applications for tuition assistance and scholarship should be made in FACTS simultaneously as the application for admission.

* We strongly encourage you to share with admissions staff prior to applying for tuition assistance and scholarships.

FACTS works with nearly 5,000 educational institutions and more than a million families each year, helping them achieve their goals. They have been in business since 1986 and specialize in working with schools like ours. For more information about the company, feel free to visit their Web site at www.factsmgt.com.

Tuition and Fee Payment Options

  1. All Payments will be administered by FACTs. An outside service, administer this payment plan, and FACTS will assess a small financing charge.
  2. Pay in full by August 15 ($500.00 discount applies).
  3. Pay in two equal payments, due August 1 and January 1.
  4. Pay in 10 equal payments, starting August 1 and due by the first of each month (last payment due by May 1).