Did you get mail returned to you? We’re still in the same place, just having problems with the post office. If you get mail returned, please send an email to info@chicagofriendsschool.org or call me: 773-442-2371 x4 -Mark

Welcome to Chicago Friends School!

We are a coeducational elementary school in the Edgewater neighborhood.  We are offering kindergarten through fourth grade for the 2015-2016 school year, expanding one grade per year to grade eight.

Chicago Friends School is guided by Quaker principles of peace, equality, simplicity, integrity, community, and service.  We welcome Quaker and non-Quaker children of diverse backgrounds.

We provide an educational environment that meets children’s intellectual, social and emotional needs, nurtures relationships, and that fosters a sense of belonging, social awareness, and personal responsibility.

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