How to Apply

Interested in applying for fall 2021?

Thank you for your interest in applying to Chicago Friends School.

The online application includes student information, family information, other supporting documents, and a $75 application fee*. We ask for the submission of the application form by February 1, 2021, but we accept applications on rolling admissions basis.

*For applications submitted after February 1, 2021, the application fee is $100.

Before starting the admissions process, we strongly encourage all families to take a tour or attend a virtual open house

Please contact us at or call at 773-442-2371 ext. 1 to learn more.

Steps in the Admission Process

1. Application Materials

The first step is to complete the online application and forward the online teacher recommendation to the student’s current teacher.  Also, you may upload require the most recent progress report for students coming from another school.

To begin the application process click here.

Teacher Recommendations

K-2  click here

Grades 3-5 click here

Grades 6-7 click here

*Students applying for grades 6–7 should also submit a hand-written, one-page essay that answers the question: “You are unique. Describe one skill, talent, or interest that makes you who you are. Why is that an important part of you? How does it impact your life and the lives of others?”

2. Half-Day Student Visit

After the application materials are received, the teacher of the classroom closest to your child’s grade will contact you to schedule a morning to spend in the classroom. On the visit day, your child should arrive at 8:30 a.m. and be picked up at 12:00 p.m. Please send a snack for your child.

3. Family Meeting

After the half-day visit, the admissions team will contact parents to schedule a family meeting. At this meeting, we will learn more about your family, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions of school personnel and other parents. We feel it is important to understand parents’ perspectives and educational philosophy.

Family meetings include parents only for grades K–5 and include parents and the prospective student for grades 6–8.

4. Admission Decision

Following the family meeting, school personnel will contact you with an admissions decision. This usually happens within 10-14 days of the family meeting.

5. Enrollment and Registration

After acceptance, the family secures a place in the class by submitting a signed contract and enrollment deposit. After this, we will give your family details on the registration process.

Inquiry Form

If you are not applying for the next year, please contact us to help us stay in touch with you regarding the admission process, Chicago Friends School events, and school fairs at which we will be present.