Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Chicago Friends School, rooted in the Quaker values of Peace, Equality, Simplicity, Integrity, Community, and Service is dedicated to the education of children in an evolving, supportive and diverse community, resulting in academic excellence and spiritual depth.

Philosophy Statement

Chicago Friends School is a small independent Quaker school located in the north side of Chicago with a goal of serving grades PreK-8. Our school is guided by the Quaker principals of Peace, Equality, Simplicity, Integrity, Community, and Service, which are incorporated into all aspects of school life.

Peace is a fundamental Friends belief, rooted in the understanding that we are all children of the divine, that we deserve to live without fear of violence, and that we can all be agents of peace. We believe peace can be experienced both communally and individually. We strive to create a culture of peace among our school community and to learn about the role of peace in the world.

Equality is the understanding that each of us has access to truth, and that all persons deserve to have the opportunity to develop their talents and skills. We seek to truly listen to each person and to nurture a balance between the individual and the group.

Simplicity is the conservation of the resources entrusted to us by the divine, and respect for our relationships with all living things. We understand that all we have are gifts. We strive to consider how practicing simplicity in our own lives impacts economic equality in our communities.

We believe that Integrity is essential in all our relationships, that it leaves no room for deceit or artificiality, and that it is a foundation for building trust and discovering essential truths.

Our Community of students, staff, parents and volunteers seeks to create a unity which is not threatened by the diversity of experiences among us. This fellowship is essential to learning, understanding and compassion.

We believe that Service to each other and our wider community is how we develop and demonstrate our beliefs and values.

We embrace students of all cultural, racial, religious and economic backgrounds. We strive to develop the academic and human potential of each student, and inspire in them a life-long love of learning, to help them prosper both academically and in life. We are committed to building a strong and vibrant community where the contribution of every child is valued. We encourage our students to engage in creative expression, intellectual curiosity, and independent thinking, while emphasizing personal integrity, consensus building, and the importance of service to others and the world at large.