Named for Bayard Rustin, famed civil rights leader, Quaker, and gay advocate,  who was instrumental in helping with MLK’s March on Washington and established the Freedom Riders, this scholarship is a step in our strategic plan to increase the representation of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color who has traditionally been underrepresented in Chicago Friends School’s community.

The Bayard Rustin Scholarship Fund

Provide Life-Changing Opportunites

American education is unequal in its approach, method, and outcomes across race and income lines, and this scholarship allows underrepresented students to have access to an education that more privileged students currently have.

Benefits Everyone

Studies have shown that having peer relationships with people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives significantly reduces bias and prejudice on the part of people of all races and builds important collaboration, listening, and cultural skills. Diverse teams routinely create more effective, adaptable, and long-lasting solutions to real-life problems.

Building a Community of Scholars

The Bayard Rustin Scholarship Fund will help us to recruit children in cohorts or sibling groupings so no new student has to be without peers from familiar backgrounds and cultures in an unfamiliar environment.  A group of students who have similar backgrounds and will not only have a greater impact on moving our mission and vision forward but will also be able to support and encourage each other’s success in a new environment.

The Current Opportunity

The first cohort of three Bayard Rustin Scholars has been identified. Three brothers are set to inaugurate this program in the 2021-2022 school year. A generous donor has stepped up and offered a full scholarship for one of the three boys. A gift of support for these children would allow us to support all three students as they embark on a journey that will change their lives, their peer’s lives, and Chicago Friends School for the better.

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