Karen Carney

Children playing soccer on a large field

Trust, Leadership and a Soccer Game

A week ago, at the behest of student government, I walked over to the athletic fields of a nearby high school with a group of 4th -8th graders so they could organize a soccer game on a real field during their recess time. Before going, I was asked if I was going to ref the…

Student hands forming a circle

Reflecting on Equality in an Unequal World

This month, we are reflecting on the values of Equality and Equity as a school. Equality and equity, like integrity, are easier for children to grasp in their absence than their presence. Throughout years of school-wide reflection, I’ve heard many stories of inequality — among siblings, among friends, in the classroom and at home. It…

Drawings by students of things they are grateful for

Gratitude and Quaker Values

This month, we are starting to reflect on Gratitude as a whole school. The image I have attached is of squares from a whole-school gratitude quilt that students are working on. As you can see this group of kids are grateful for a range of things: pollinators; music; a roof over their heads; medicine, even…