Students and a teacher hanging from the ceiling and standing on the walls in illusion room

Illusions Through Mirrors and Lenses

This past Friday, the school went on a field trip to the Museum of Illusions. I had the great pleasure of organizing this trip, which goes hand in hand with this school year’s theme, “Mirror & Lenses,” making this museum a great location to visit and learn about seeing things from different perspectives.

The Museum of Illusions is an interactive space for anyone to explore the wonders of illusions and learn how our eyes can be deceived. From the kinders to the teachers and parent chaperones, we were all able to find amusement, seek understanding and stimulate our brains to solve hands-on, three-dimensional puzzles.  It was wonderful seeing everyone learn and enjoy their time at the museum.

For transportation, we rode on the Red Line. For many of the younger students, it was their first field trip taking public transit. With our school Ventra cards, we tapped and went through to await an interesting ride that let our students look through the windows to see our city from a different perspective. This allowed them to be in new settings that may not have been experienced before.

I’m very grateful that this trip was enjoyable and thought-provoking for everyone who attended. As a first-year teacher, this was my first time arranging a field trip that actual children attended instead of my college classmates from my education program. I’m so grateful for all the support that I received from staff and parents. I’m excited to see how our next field trip will go!