New Buddies

There are many benefits to our small class size and small school.  Students receive constant attention and  feedback from their teachers.  Learning is customized to suit the abilities and interests of each student.  And there is a family feel to the school that results in many friendships across grade levels.  

But there are some things that elude us.  For example – we can’t field a competitive soccer match.  Enter our new buddies at the German International School of Chicago.  We reached out to this fellow small school in order to engage in some intramural sports and fun. The German School has precisely the same number of students in their middle school as we have.  They too were wishing for a larger pool of kids to play with, so on the brilliant Monday morning of this week we hopped the bus to give them a game.

Their students were decked out in full German Football National Team kit.  I recognized the jerseys of Neuer, Reus and Mueller.  The P.E. teacher at the German School did a marvelous job constructing a futsol match in their tiny gym.  Our description of the cavernous gym at Chicago Friends School had them eager to make a visit to our place.  Soon, we hope to do just that.

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Alex Randhava

Alex Randhava taught middle school at Chicago Friends School from 2017 to 2019.

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